Shepherd's Run

Gong Bath with Stephanie Marisca | Thursday, July 7th 5:15 pm

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Join us and experience this harmonic attunement for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The healing power of sound will gently restore and harmonize your body, mind and spirit. This extraordinary sound experience allows the listeners to rest into themselves and move into a dream-like state while waves of gong tones wash over their mind, body and spirit. Immersed in the total sound of holistic resonance, one can reach a state of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and peace—resting into their true being where all healing and knowledge can be accessed. These vibrational overtones induce emotional stress release, chakra alignment, energy clearing and balancing and spontaneous healing.

Class time:

  • Thursday, July 7th, 5:15 pm - *We recommend bringing your yoga matt, water,  blanket and any attire or prop you feel will keep you warm and comfortable.

All classes include a complimentary glass of wine, pour over coffee or tea. This class is not included in the All-Access Pass.