We take a unique approach to winemaking at Shepherd’s Run. In our view wine should be both local and global. It is a means to connect us to the soil under our feet as well as cultures thousands of miles away.

With this philosophy at the heart of our winemaking process we will be offering not only estate grown selections, but also regional, and eventually global offerings.

The terroir of each vineyard is unique and we aim to express that through our winemaking process at Shepherd's Run.

We partner with growers across the country, who have aligned interests and a desire to trust the "fruits of their labor" in our winemaking hands.

Our winemaking style is one of less is more. We will never try to make one vintage or varietal match another. We will never take shortcuts or add compounds to hide or disguise a wine's authenticity. We will always produce wines in small batches with a slow production mentality to preserve and respect the fruit, the terroir, and the farmer.

We believe wines of the world can unite us. Who won’t raise a glass to that?