Common Questions

Below are a list of commonly asked questions and answers. For additional questions feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page.

Wine Reservation Questions

  • The calendar does not show the time / date we are looking for? 
If the time and day does not show on the calendar it means that we are either fully booked or closed.  We are open Wednesday-Monday 11am-6pm
  • What is availability like for walk-ins?
We try our best to keep a few seats available for walk-in guests, but please understand that we cannot guarantee availability for walk-ins at this time. Depending on weather and the number of reservations we have for the day we may not be able to accommodate all walk-ins. We care deeply about the quality of every guest experience and this is one of the ways we ensure that the environment is convivial without feeling overly crowded. If you are thinking of popping by currently weekends are our busiest times, while mid-week we have more flexibility.
  • Are we only allowed a half hour for our reservation? 
No way!  The time listed is just the time of your reservation.  Large parties are kept to 90 minutes.
  • Can we buy a glass or bottle after our flight? 
Absolutely.  We encourage it!  Your host can accommodate that request, or feel free to approach the wine bar for any purchase from a glass to a case of wine.
  • Can I bring outside food? 
We request that you only bring small amounts of food to the picnic table and lawn area (think appetizer, not meal) as well as clean up any outside food or trash when you leave. Your help in letting everyone enjoy the property in their space goes a long way. We also request that you do not bring outside decorations of any kind.
  • Are dogs allowed?
At this time we cannot have dogs on the property.  Check back for changes!
  • How many people are allowed for one reservation?
Groups of 7 or more should be booked on our large groups page. Please allow a few days for a return message. Sometimes we are unable to accommodate larger parties if others have already booked.  For special occasions we have options to rent a private space. Making multiple reservations to combine as one group only puts a kink in trying to find the right space for the right group so we ask that you please refrain from doing this.