Welcome to Body+Mind!

Welcome to The Flock!
Welcome to Body+Mind, and more importantly, thank you. We have been so honored to have so many wonderful humans walk through these doors. Each and every person has contributed such wonderful energy to the space, and we are so excited to continue growing this community.
We are happy to say that we will keep growing the programming and adding on amenities for our wonderful members to enjoy. That said, if there are any class times, styles, or programming you wish to see, please never hesitate to make us aware! In the meantime, we have a full roster of classes live on the site, and our gym hours are as follows:

Monday/Tuesday | 8am-1130am & 430pm-8pm

Wednesday/Thursday| 8am-8pm

Friday/Saturday/Sunday | 8am-6pm

We also want to provide you with a little insight on how to register for class now that you're a member. 
To sign up for studio classes, please click the link below.
To access the classes that will be $0 for you at checkout. You'll want to make sure that at the bottom of the page, you are "Logged in as [your name]" 
If there's anything you need, please never hesitate to reach out. Our Director of Wellness, Kendall, may be reached Wednesday-Sunday at K.Hope@shepherds.run

See you in The Living Room!