Wine Tasting

There are several ways to experience Shepherd's Run. Currently we offer the following for parties of six (6) or less:

Reservations for each of these items can be made by selecting an option at the bottom of this page.

Reservation Policy

Reservations are considered confirmed when booked. Reservations are non-refundable within a 48-Hour Cancellation Period. Reservation cancellations prior to 48 hours can be emailed to

Large Parties

For parties larger than six (6) please contact us via the large groups page and we will respond to your inquiry as well as develop a special event tailored to your unique needs.

Outside Food & Beverage

Until an onsite food offering is available we welcome guests to bring small appetizers and other non-alcoholic beverages. To prevent mishaps, we ask that this food not be consumed on any of our soft-seating (this includes couches and sofa chairs). Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited on the premises.

Other Questions?

For other common questions/answers please visit our Common Questions page. We try to update this page regularly with common questions and answers that we are receiving.