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Masters Swim

Masters Swim

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Shepherd`s Run swim practices are held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30-6:45 PM. Program start will be Tuesday June 25th and run until Thursday August 29th.

Swimmers participating should be registered with USA Master's Swimming.

Practices entail warm ups, drills, main sets, cool downs and are geared for swimmers looking to get conditioning type workouts in, while in a group environment. Swimmers should be proficient in at least one other stroke other than freestyle, and provide their own swim equipment if they have it. Former USS/USA, former high school, and former college swimmers make up a bulk of the swimmers at these practices.

There are 4 lanes of ability, time/ stroke based and these practices are NOT learn to swim ones.

Workouts will be provided and a coach will be on deck at all times. Pace clock(s) will be used, but starts and flip turns are not required.

What to bring:

  • towel
  • swim equipment (pull buoy, fins, paddles, kick board)

A few procedural notes on swim protocols:

  • Spa shower/locker room use is not included with these swims. Shepherd's Run is in the process of building three outdoor showers for swimmer use and will make these available once complete
  • Bathroom/changing area is provided via the four bathrooms located above the wellness center
  • Swims will occur in any weather except thunder/lightening
  • Drop-in rates will be available on an extremely limited basis for single swim participation $18/non-members and $9/members
  • If you have not previously signed a swim waiver you will be asked to do so on your first swim day at the Wellness desk
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